Did you take the abortion pill? Are you rethinking your choice? The abortion pill reversal process can be effective when attempted as soon as possible after taking the first abortion pill – Mifepristone.

Many Women have been able to reverse the process of the abortion pill, but you need to get with a doctor immediately.

Call our hotline day or night, and you will be directed to where you can get help. There still may be time for you if you regret taking the abortion pill.

Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Helpline at 1-877-558-0333 to find a provider near you. 

What Is the Abortion Pill Reversal Process?

The abortion pill reversal process is effective only when the first drug of the abortion pill process is taken, mifepristone.

Since mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone, reversing the effects of the drug requires taking progesterone. Extra doses are needed to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill.

Timing is Essential!

Timing is everything when it comes to the abortion pill reversal process. Start as soon as you can. If possible, start within 24 hours of taking mifepristone for the best results.

According to Abortion Pill Rescue, even treatments taken 72 hours after the first abortion pill have been successful for some women. Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Helpline to explain your unique situation and begin the reversal process.

Start Abortion Pill Reversal Today

Abortion pill reversal is entirely safe and effective. Progesterone, used in the APR process, is a naturally occurring hormone in pregnancy. Doctors have used progesterone successfully for over 50 years to regulate menstrual cycles and treat infertility.

No undesired effects are known by using progesterone to attempt abortion reversal. Progesterone is safe and effective.

It may not be too late for your pregnancy. Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Helpline at 1-877-558-0333 today.