Understanding your pregnancy options can be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t want to be pregnant. Whatever your situation, you deserve to make an educated choice with trustworthy information.

Abortion isn’t your only option. Parenting and adoption are options that require you to carry the pregnancy to term but with distinct outcomes. Bloom Pregnancy Help Center can help you weigh each one.

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Parenting: A Big Responsibility and Rewarding Commitment

At first, parenting can seem daunting. You may question how you can raise a child, especially if you need more financial or material resources at this time. But more support is available than you think.

Reviewing this option includes asking yourself what you’d need to succeed. Even if you have current challenges that make parenting seem different, with the proper tools, it can be achievable.

We’ll provide parenting classes on topics like pregnancy and childhood development, supply community referrals, and offer material aid. And if you’re a student, we’ll help you understand your rights and how to continue your education. 

You aren’t alone, even if you don’t have a support system right now. We’ll be there every step of the way.

Adoption: Placing Your Child in a Loving Family

Some women decide they cannot parent. However, if they continue the pregnancy, there is another option. Adoption ensures their child is placed in a loving family and has a chance of a bright future.

While there’s no way to predict how our lives will go, there are steps you can take as the birth mother to set your child up for success.

With an open adoption or semi-open adoption, you can select the adoptive family you want for your child. While open adoption agreements are not legally enforceable in Texas, if you choose open adoption, you will likely have a relationship with them through letters, visits, and more. And with semi-open adoption, all contact is mediated through a third party.

There are times when the birth mother chooses a closed adoption, which means no contact occurs between her and the adoptive family. If you select this option, all identifying records will be sealed.

If you choose this adoption, you won’t pay for adoption services, and your medical expenses will be covered. This is your choice, and you’ll be supported at every step of the process.

We can discuss adoption with you and provide referrals to trusted agencies and resources. We’re here to help you make an informed decision. 

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